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The Law Office of Jackie Wood defends individuals against all criminal charges in State, Federal and Juvenile Court.

Sexual Offenses:


While serving in the Family Justice Division of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Jackie prosecuted sexually based offenses, so she knows all the DA’s tricks and secrets.  Often, men are accused of this type of crime find having a female defense attorney helps their case. 


A conviction for a sexual offense may not only result in imprisonment or a lengthy and onerous probation, but also may require sex offender registration, sex offender treatment, housing restrictions, restrictions from visiting friends and family with children, protective orders, and more. 


Penalties for sexually based offenses have increased in recent years resulting in longer minimum sentences for incarceration, the removal of probation as an option in sentencing, automatic life sentences, life sentences without the possibility of parole, and even the death penalty.


Additionally, once a person has a conviction for a sexual offense, subsequent accusations may result in enhanced or increased charges and penalties.   


If you or a loved one has been accused of a sexual offense, a zealous defense is your only option.  Call Jackie Wood for immediate assistance in your defense.

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