Jackie Wood is a Fighter


Posted by Jacob, a Criminal Defense client


Even as a court appointed attorney Jackie Wood fought for me like I was her own family. At a low point in my life, facing 15 years in prison Jackie believed in me when no one else did. She worked hard and got me a chance at treatment witch transformed me as a person and completely changed my life. Today I have 19 Months of sobriety and am living a wonderful life, Thank You Jackie for all you've done!




Gave my son a new chance at life.


Posted by Julia, a Criminal Defense client


My son has severe addiction.  His addiction has resulted in multiple legal problems over the years.  When Jackie Wood was appointed as his attorney he was on his 3rd set of felony charges in our 3 strikes you are out state.  Jake was looking at a long mandatory sentence.  It was terrifying knowing that a long prison stay was his probable future when what he really needed was more treatment.


It was a hard case to make since he had been through multiple types of treatment, including twice in prison.  Jackie seemed to understood addiction.  She advocated effectively and successfully for my boy.  Rather than 15 years in prison, he received a sentence of 9 months in prison based treatment, a few months in a ½ way house and an intense probation.


Today he is out and working hard to start his life over.  He has a chance now.  Jackie Wood made that possible.




Criminal Lawyer


Posted by Derrick, a Criminal Defense client


She represented me as court appointed lawyer on trial because my family couldn't afford a hired attorney and I feel that she did way better than I would have thought a hired attorney to do. I was being charged with 1st degree Murder, however, Ms. Wood did everything in her power to prove my innocence. Some unfavorable things happened during trial, but she continued to fight. At the end of an extensive trial, I was convicted of manslaughter. Ms. Woods was a very caring and attentive lawyer. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. She fought for me 'til the end.




Legal Services


Posted by A.D., a Criminal Defense client


From my standpoint, the level of legal services have been above and beyond. Jackie did a very outstanding job in representing me.  




Above and beyond


Posted by S.P., a Criminal Defense client


Jackie goes above and beyond handling your case.  She examines every detail very carefully and is professional.  Jackie got me a very good outcome on a capital murder charge.  She also cared deeply about me as a person, and my needs.  She possesses great skills.  I am very satisfied with her legal services.




Experienced, Compassionate, trustworthy


Posted by affordabletxbk, a Consultant Attorney client


Jackie's unparalleled in representing parents before Child Protective Services and excels in criminal representation in many areas. Her experience in the District Attorney's Office is a huge advantage -- she knows what outcome to expect upon preliminary analysis of a situation. I highly recommend her.




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